Let the Learning Begin

Our master plan, at this point in time, is to luxuriate in the time we have, getting to know our motor home. It would be great (if not unrealistic) to get any and all issues and learning out of the way, sure!

We ended up with the second choice, nearby,

for RV storage. Down a packed dirt, but unpaved, road, with an entry gate for small vehicles. Seriously, why didn’t that occur to me as I rushed there to secure our ‘large’ spot? I was blinded by the spot being in Monument, and that it was available at all! It was the last, and only, game in town, the first having a paved road AND an easy, large gated entrance that is extra wide.
First time getting The Odyssey into the lot across from the dump, not yet 2nd nature on the turning radius, Brian almost took out a rubber coated post on the driver side, the rear end.
It only took out a turn indicator and the bulb on inspection, easily replaceable. Lesson Learned: Can’t make that (sharp) turn with the monster rig without pulling beyond the gate, then backing into the lot (a dump) across the road and heading straight in! Ultimately, we came to appreciate this as good practice for future tough spots. Silently we both curse on approaching the road when we return from any outing! This site was very helpful giving large rig backing instructions and tips to mark your rig, for the navigator: http://donbobbitt.hubpages.com/hub/Backing-Your-RV-into-a-Campsite
…as we found we also had trouble communicating. I apparently didn’t have an innate talent for acceptable and useful hand signals. Said sarcastically, but true story, I was not effective. We broke out the walkie talkies but realize our phones allow hands free, useful for the driver who is putting the big round peg into the small square hole! Lesson Learned: um, maybe not yet…

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