New Yorker on New Yorkers

Today was what we came here for. Andrea noted that the 2 mile path around the lovely little lake was my perfect hike: scenic, enough elevation changes but not too strenuous, mostly wooded (and shaded), and just far enough to spur an appetite. I know, a putsy little walk for most of you, but just fine for me. Check out the pictures. Pretty damn nice.

We did have a very unusual occurrence as we had our picnic lunch. When Andrea went over to say hello to the flying saucer occupants, they closed the door and took off. Maybe they thought we were New Yorkers.

Andrea and the Aliens

Andrea and the Aliens

That’s a bone I have to pick with New Yorkers, at least some of you. And I have some authority to pick a bone with you. You know, we were both

born in NYC and brought up on Long Island. Lived there 50 years and both of us worked in the madness of Manhattan. So we know about the impersonalization that happens to you, especially if you work in “the city”, the rule being “keep your head down or the nuts will talk to you”. But, after living in Colorado for 14 years (not counting Clear Lake, TX as that was really a major vacation), and how everyone lifts up their eyes to greet you as you walk past and say hi, and how drivers and pedestrians wave at each other, perfect strangers, I have to say that New Yorkers in general are the rudest assholes we’ve come across so far. Granted there are exceptions to that generalization so apologies to the many friendly people we said hi to during our hike in beautiful Minnewaska State Park. In our first months in Colorado we were freaked out when drivers stopped

Lake Minnewaska

Lake Minnewaska

Hiking Lake Minnewaska

Hiking Lake Minnewaska

for us to let us walk in supermarket parking lots – what’s with them? Then we realized we were the assholes. So, all you guarded New Yorkers, and everyone else, when you’re walking down the street or hiking trail and cross paths with someone else, lift up your eyes, look at the other person and say HI. It doesn’t hurt and they won’t hurt you. And if you engage a nut on the streets of NYC, good luck. I know, been there.


Tomorrow we arrive at the original destination of this trip east, Danbury, CT. The wedding is Saturday. Woo-hoo.

One response to “New Yorker on New Yorkers

  1. We are so happy to hear things are looking brighter! Have a wonderful time at the wedding. We enjoy your updates.
    love, dora and bill

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