Odyssey Flees Snow to Sundance Meadows, 1300′

Break in some rules here but WTF, it’s New Hampshire break the rules. It’s after 2, Tramadol in effect, zolpidem kicking in, sorry, no pot, and alcohol wearing off. So hear we go:

The eastern hill of KQ Ranch revealed a beautiful view into the ruggedness of the national lands to the east. But at 4500′, we had enough of the cold and snow. So last Wednesday we bolted to the lovely nowhereness of 1300′ Sundance Meadows of Aguanga, CA. Part of our network, this is a free seven days. And not bad if you like private and peaceful, and like looking at horses. The campground is empty except on weekends when Billy Bob and his crew of 4 RV’s, 20 people, including kids and folks our age, introduced a whoofin’ music system pouring out tunes like that heart felt classic, ‘My brother’s new twins are my nieces from my sister, Oh, Lord!”. And except for a half hour on Saturday afternoon when the seniors were let out and the music master allowed a half hour of a classic rock station, it was more of the CMA award winners like “Three Peckered Billy Goat Where You Be? Thirty-Three Percent Says You Nail Me?” Yeah, that one becomes a tough visualization when the refrain is repeated 25 times, “I love Billy goats nailin’ me. Bahhhh! Bahhhh! Bahhhh! Bahhahhiteme! Ooooooh That hurts”

The third photo – you can see My Palomar

OK so the weekenders and their genital injuries left Monday. Quiet and warm Tuesday. Beautiful night for stargazing but nothing going on.

Tuesday, laundry day. We haven’t had contact with human beings since Sarurday. We’re not sure that its a good idea anymore. But we sure scared those fuckers off.

We did find a little property that sells metal animals down highway 79 a but, or is that, The 79?.

Tomorrow we head for El Cajon.


Go Bernie

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