News Flash

The Stonybrook Seawolves are going to the big dance. For those who never heard of the school, Stonybrook University is a New York State college situated on the north shore of Long Island in the quaint little town for which it is named. Know for graduating world class doctors, scientists, and pot heads, my alma mater has, in recent years, after much success in the Bong Olympics and the Spliff Games, developed respectable sports teams. We’re in the brackets!

Tom, Alex, Paul M, and anyone else with a team in March Madness, be warned, Jameel Warney is coming!

This is our last weekend in Chula Vista so how about a few more pictures? A few are from two dog beaches, one in Del Mar and the other next to Seaworld in Mission Bay. For you pilots, yes, that’s a VOR out in the bay. The San Diego airport is not far away. Surf was up at Del Mar. The shot of Luna sort of shows her love for sand. She pushes her head into it and rolls around making sure she brings plenty back into the RV. The big Navy ship was docked in their yard a mile or so up the coast from the RV park. And the tiny airplane is, I believe, an F-16, one of the many noisemakers that fly overhead daily.

Next week we fly back to CO for Leo’s first birthday and lots of medical stuff. When we get back here on the 22nd we’ll be moving up the coast. This place has been all we expected – palm trees, great weather, and no major problems. But we’re itching to hit the road. Last night we were reminded that we’re not quite ready to settle down in one place for the winter. We went to an “appreciation” dinner, a thank you for spending the winter here. Like the last social dinner we attended over a year ago, we were the youngest couple. I sat next to a great grandmother from Idaho. Really? Yes, she’s been coming here for 21 years! On the other side was a couple who retired from the prison system and told stories of shooting snakes. We assumed they worked at the jails. And, the meatloaf sucked. The meat we cook for Luna is better. The good news – I didn’t see any oxygen tanks or colostomy bags. Unless it’s free tacos, we won’t be attending these socials anytime soon.

Anyway, adios from Chula Vista.

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