Sequoia National Park (and not Kings Canyon)

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, the great beach at Oceano. Well, after several days of deciding to go to an orthopedic center, or NOT, I went with NOT. I didn’t want to get stuck out here, perhaps hospitalized for something that may or may not be serious. I did that once. I think I have a thing about out of town hospitals. So, anyway, I’m going to drag my sorry ass through Yosemite and Lake Tahoe and then head back to CO to try to get my shit fixed. I tried walking 300 feet out to the General Sherman Tree with a cane and retreated after 10 feet. Pain sucks. Andrea took my camera and took some shots of the largest (by volume) and oldest tree in the world. 275′ tall, 3200 years old, the General Sherman Tree has seen it all. With 2′ bark it is impervious to insects, disease and assholes. But, as I said, Andrea took the pictures. I sat in the car with Luna trying to convince me that “Us and Them” applied to our giant sequoia experience. Similar to our political process, I gave her a few treats and she started dancing on the piano solo. With the saxophone piece, she wailed along. Good dog.

Anyway, short of a miracle – any of you religious guys got a hotline to the magic hip doctor? A supernatural anethestatist? I really want to hike a bunch of Yosemite. Otherwise it’s a drive-through for me and sending Andrea out hiking into a world of bears, wildcats, and foreigners.

So, what do we got?

A nasty day. Hours of driving to get to the biggest (by volume) and oldest tree on the PLANET!

This ain’t it. Just a rock over a once road.

A small Sequoia near the Giant Tree museum.

General Sherman

Look at the size of those little humans.

Tomorrow, off to Bass Lake Recreational Resort.

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