Lake Tahoe

Farewell California. Tomorrow we will be heading back to Colorado. Next stop Winnemucca, NV.

The sky cleared today and the snow melted so we drove around the lake. It’s about 75 miles with lots of turnouts and overlooks. We both think the pictures don’t do it justice. You be the judge.

There’s something that looks like a one room castle down there on that island. Look closely.

Luna wasn’t impressed. Yeah, she sometimes sleeps like that. Weird.

It will be kind of fast the next 10 days:

Winnemucca, NV 1night

Wells, NV 1

SLC, Ut 2

Flaming Gorge, Ut 3

Hayden, CO 1

Pagosa Springs, CO 1

Monument, CO

Now, back to the national anthem. The votes are in. One vote (me) for, zero votes against. A unanimous decision for ‘All You Need Is Love’. And that’s the way democracy works in this country. You better get out and vote this year or the other idiot will win!

Imagine 15 baseball games tomorrow and they all start with:

Love, love, love…


One response to “Lake Tahoe

  1. So glad you came to CA, come back soon! Safe travels

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