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Odyssey Update October 2016

Last word was we hadn’t done squat all summer and I was about to get my back fixed. Well, the operation was a big success. No lower back pain, no sciatica. That was the objective and that’s the good news, but the arthritic hip just gets worse.

The really good news is that Dr. O has scheduled Oct 27 for hip replacement. Back to bad news, and this is not so bad, just more of a “are you kidding me?” kind of thing – that little hernia detected back in the crazy ER visit has become a big enough problem to warrant repair. Fast. Think ice pick heated over a flame jabbing you just off to the side of your pubic bone. OK, don’t. That surgery would be October 3rd, or, for anyone but the latest of night owls, right about now.

I’ve got some good hospital stories from the back surgery but after writing them down, decided they’re too long. They’re going in the book. If you really want the details, write me. In short, if you decide you’re going to stop drinking after 45 years, don’t try doing it four days before back surgery (unless you’re really hard up for fun dinner stories). And don’t wisecrack when waking from anesthesia. Hope I remember that today.

Got a couple of photos of my back surgeon’s work. Cool huh?

Later folks. I promise we’ll get back to the road in December and these will get better.