Odyssey Update

Where were we?

We got the RV out of Dodge before the first snow, which was this past Thursday, a day after a record 81 was set in COS. Crazy.

Been a crazy month or so. I had the hernia fixed on October 3rd. On the 12th we flew to NY for a wedding, a reunion and other family and friends thingies for a week. On Saturday, the 22nd, we dropped the Jeep off at the COS airport and drove the RV three days to Apache Junction, east of Phoenix. The photos attached give you an idea of the terrain we went through. Quote pretty. I especially liked AZ87 southbound about 50 miles north of the Phoenix metroplex, mountain driving with saguaros dotting the way. Gotta get that dash cam. Coming next week.

We dropped the RV off at a storage facility in Apache Junction on the 25th, got a Lyft to the airport where we got on a $28 flight back to COS and then drove right to the AirBnB that we’re in now.

Through all of this, Andrea has done all the heavy (and light) lifting. With the arthritic hip showing signs of further deterioration, I was under orders to carry nothing and put no weight on the hip (fear of cracking the socket), so Andrea did everything. There were a few heavy suitcases and cartons of food that probably took a few years off her back.

Next day, the 26th, Andrea picked up Luna (from the DogVaca sitter), and brought me to the hernia surgeon for follow up so he could say I’m ok and charge Medicare for saying so. Shouldn’t you only need to do that follow up if something feels wrong?

Finally, October 27th, the day I’ve been waiting for – for 7 month’s. Total hip replacement surgery. Copy and paste this link into your browser:


From what I’m told by nurses who have witnessed it, the OR for this surgery looks more like a carpenter’s shop. First thing they do, if the doc isn’t a big guy, and Dr O is big, is bring in someone strong enough to dislocate your hip. Got the picture? Then they get the saws out. Fucking nuts! Today I saw what was billed to Medicare. Holy fucking nuts!

Fun month.

So far so good. They had me up walking the first night, sent me home two days later. Physical therapists came for two weeks. Lot’s of muscles and tendons, unused for six months and apparently beat up on the table, need to get used to working again, but the hip is good. We’re gettin there.

That’s it. I have one more follow up with the surgeon at the end of the month, then we’re out of here on the 1st. Hopefully, the next post will have us hiking around the Superstitious Mountains in Arizona.

Drive safely and a Happy Thanksgiving. Mind your P’s and Q’s, that is, pretend you’re in a bar – no politics and religion. That means you!

PS: Andrea got me a new t-shirt today. Instant favorite.

One response to “Odyssey Update

  1. Great to hear you are recovering nicely! Hello and happy thanksgiving to you and Andrea. Love watching and reading about your adventures- now with the new hip you may be able to keep up with Andrea. Love you guys!

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