Odyssey Stays Put

That’s an odd expression. Stays Put. How does “put” suddenly go from being a verb describing ‘movement to a position’, to being in that settled position? I suppose I should say “Odyssey Stays in the Same Place”. Dumb assed language. But I like “stays put”. Hey Anna – how would you say that in Russian? I think perhaps we all might need to pick up that Rosetta Stone.

I was going to say I digress but how can one digress if one has not started? Anyway, we decided that we like it here so much we’re going to stay another month. I think the clincher was finally using the pools Sunday. They are fed by mineral hot springs. Even though it was only 60°F (we’ll start learning Celsius when the new Don negotiates that 562 million he owes to the aforementioned state’s mafia) and winds around 25 (not yet km/h – what is that in knots, Stanley? And how did that happen? A measure of wind and a twisted rope are the same word? Especially in sailing! “Captain, we’re pulling five knots.” “Which ones, Gilligan, bowline, square, clove?”). The big pool is a toasty 92 at one end and about 80 at the other end. The smaller pools are warmer. They’re going to help with the back and hip, still being a pain in the upper ass.

The only negative about this area is the wind. It’s a pretty serious negative but the pros win. I checked temps around the whole southwest and it ain’t much different elsewhere. Monday was great. Occasional wind gusts but mostly mellow, near 70. I rested my aching, phony hip while Andrea hung out at and used the pool, that is, worked hard at laundry detail.

The view from our site is really as good as any we have had, the monthly rate is reasonable, it feels safe, Luna likes it despite the nightly coyote shrieks, and the weather isn’t much better anyplace else, so why not? The only store the area doesn’t have is Ikea. That’s good. Don’t have to make that needle-in-the-eyes choice while here.

The famous Palm Springs International Film festival is in town this week. We went to the movies Friday to see ‘Hidden Figures’ but the 1:45 matinee was sold out – rainy day, so we saw ‘Patriot’s Day’. Another well done movie but we all know the story. Check out the movie theater picture – pretty sure that guy in the white shirt to the right of the entrance is Ryan Reynolds. Or not.

On the way out a load of people with conventioneer-like name tags were heading in, including one guy with a big-ass camera with a serious, old fashioned flash attachment. Must be some Hollywood types lurking. “Hey Jimmie Olsen, Eddie Fisher is in the lobby!” Did you see Eddie Fisher in the ‘recently dead Fishers’ HBO thingie? Geez, if I get anywhere near looking like that, please feed me about a half dozen hits of acid and ten quaaludes. Back to glitterati in Palm Springs. Our neighbor says his wife goes to the jewelry stores on Indian Palm Drive to star gaze. Fuck that. I wake up next to a star everyday. She deserves one for putting up with me. (Yeah, thank you, editors – way better line than ‘waking up next to that mirror’. At least I don’t see Eddie Fisher yet.) OK, Andrea says she sees Clara Bell and Einstein some days. All right, I’ll take that. I was think Dr. Zorba – what was that, the Ben Gazzara tv show?

Geez, where was I? So, expect more pictures of the mountains around here. After the Pickford Theater shot, there’s a decent sunset. At this time of year, the sun goes down directly behind Mt San Jacinto, putting a real crimp on developing my bikini lines. You Colorado Springs and Monument folks and anybody else living on the east side of a mountain know a thing or two about that – the sun going down early.

On the morning of the 4th, I got up at 5am to watch the Quadrantids, a short term meteor shower, like two hours and it’s gone. The experts said the prime viewing was at 5:30. Duh, by then the sun was an hour from rising but already brightening up the eastern sky – where the meteors were said to originate. Total washout. I didn’t see shit. But sunrise against the mountains is always nice.

Next. The next day the wind was out in force and kicked up enough dust to hide the big mountain.

Another shot of that path behind the rv park that heads north. Turns out that all the barren land and hills a mile up the road are in Joshua Tree National Park. We’ll get up there again. I was in lousy shape last year when we visited and the wind was crazy so our touring was very minimal. We’ll go up there again this time around.

Then another shot of the big mountain in sunshine. We were hiking a little closer to it. Turns out we missed the actual trail and ran into barbed wire. Nice 150′ elevation gain in about a quarter mile, but no promised canyon. We’ll find others. I twisted the hip or something a few days ago and the setbacks are pretty damn depressing. Kind of feels like a year ago. Don’t take my Medicare aware you assholes!

Last shot – fire lasted all day. That was directly to our south, which would have put it in Cathedral City, or thereabouts. Palm Springs is like any urban area – lots of adjoining incorporated towns. Never did see anything about the fire in the news.

Finally. Since we’re going to be here so long, I was thinking that perhaps one of you might win the lottery soon and would want to spread the wealth. Please send that check to us at

Caliente Springs Resort

Site 456

70-200 Dillon Rd

Desert Hot Springs, CA 94421

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