Odyssey Vacation – Part 2

Friday, June 30th

First stop, the Many Glacier section of the park. That was about 10 miles north of our campground and the St. Mary section. Not far after turning into the park the scenery was everything:

One turn in the road after another:

Nice stuff.

Crazy beautiful

We hiked around a lake and Andrea was in wildflower heaven:

And then we thought the Clown in Chief had hit the button. You know, lots of old Nike and Minutemen missles in these parts:

Just a plane.

Halfway around that lake, we hear a rustling in the bushes and suddenly everybody’s yelling at me, “Behind you!”

And there she was:

On the way back to St. Mary, we stopped at a restaurant, Two Sisters, a funky place with license plates and stickers from everywhere decorating the whole place. For you New Yorkers who have ever travelled upstate via Route 17, remember the Roscoe Diner? A sticker here?

And for you truly adventurous travellers who, like Doc Brown, say, “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”, they got a sticker for you, too:

And it has nothing to do with Delaware.

And then I tried to stay up to watch the stars in one of the blackest skies in the country. What we didn’t realize was that as you go north, the sun stays up with you in the summer. It was after 11 before it really got dark. Sucked.

I’ll try to get more out tomorrow. Check Andrea’s Facebook posts if you haven’t already. She’s way more up to date.

But, how about one from tonight’s sunset:

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