Odyssey Vacation Part 3

July 1st. Do we care what day it is? Do we ever care? Do we have healthcare? Canadians do. Why not us? Stow that awhile.

On July 1, we drive the famous Going-To-The-Sun Road. Looking at the photos from a week ago, I really don’t know which ones belong to which date. So, in keeping with the new America, where bullshit and truth are interchangeable, go with the flow and pretend reality and perception are one and the same. (We watched a 60 Minutes segment earlier about Alzheimer’s, so, when it seemed like they were talking about me the whole show, I just blamed it on

flashbacks. Hah! Another bullshit story they threw at us. Flashbacks, that is. Or did they put it in the water supply at Fort Polk? Or, did I?)

But, I digress.

A nice view (you can believe this one):

And then, waterfalls everywhere:

On July 2nd, we went back to Many Glacier to take a boat ride to the other side of the lake that we had hiked around two days before (where the moose almost goosed me). It was combined with a guided hike and another lake. After lake number one, they made us bust our asses going up a hill to get on a boat in the next lake so we could get closer to a glacier – at 90°. No fucking global warming, my ass. The best part about our “tour” was our charming guide, Elle. Jeanine and Andrea had already warmed up to her, and, hoping to slow her death march down upon the return trek, I gave her a well-received, chocolate tootsie-pop. You know, you can buy single flavors on Amazon. I know. After that, Elle was, basically, “our” guide, moving at our pace. Hey Jeanine – can you forward this to Elle and send me her email so I can add her to the list?

Anywayyyy, I digress. I think this is July 3rd:

On the way to, yes, another waterfall. Check out Andrea’s biker headpiece and and a flash of purple hair:

What else? On the 4th, we escaped the heat of the lower 48 to the heat of Alberta, Canada. And the nights kept getting longer. In Banff, the sun set after 10 and real night just didn’t show up in our waking hours.

Until you go west to the mountains, Alberta is a huge farm:

Glacier was beautiful. Banff was like Glacier on steroids. Glacier doesn’t really have a single “town”. Banff does and it’s like Vail, Breckenridge, Park City and every other US ski town thrown into one, times 5. Prices, too.

But I’m tired after another long driving day. Got lots of Banff photos. See Andrea’s posts.

Damn hot again. It was 104 in Great Falls when we passed through yesterday. It was 98 here earlier. We’re in Sheridan, Wy, again, tonight (Sun., 7-9).

Good night. Banff photos tomorrow.

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