Catching Up With The Odyssey

For some of you, it’s been a long time. Last time I posted anything we were on our way from Glacier National Park to Banff. Then I just lost it for writing. My damn back/hip/leg thing put a damper on everything. Lost my sense of humor for a while and if I can’t get that working, well, f it. My problem.

There are some new people on the address list. The addresses are always blind-cc. Brandon, Dr. Ford, Paul and Jackie, cousins who have not gotten one of these, and anyone who doesn’t want yet another email, please let me know if you’d rather not get these and I will remove you from the list. Hoping you’ll find some entertainment.

New format now. I’m not going to litter your in-box with 20 megs of pictures anymore. From now on, these emails are to let you know that a post has been added to

For the new people, we have been travelling the country in The Odyssey, our 42′ motorhome, since August 2014. These posts have evolved from a few emails to select groups, depending on the content, to postings on the website where I cleaned up some of them. The editorial staff here can be tough. The posts document our travels and sometimes contain tips for RVers, but mostly contain photos and “color” commentary of our journey.

So, it’s now April and we are on the move again on the Pacific Coast and I said f it to my f it. In the last few weeks I’ve created posts to fill in the missing months and get back to the present. They are all out there now.

The posts contain a bunch of photos and provide a lot of so-so commentary, which you may ignore and get a mulligan for disrespecting my attempt at entertainment because I was working on getting my ju-ju back. Maybe I was taking Rachel too seriously. Really, there aren’t many lunatic ravings so just enjoy the photos.

Anyway, here are the catch-up titles, in chronological order, of the continuation of the Odyssey’s trek over the last nine months now.
1. Odyssey Vacation Part 4 – July 2017
2. Odyssey Vacation Part 5 – Summer 2017
3. Southbound Odyssey – Uh-Oh! – October 2017
4. Gold Canyon, Superstition Stuff, the TSA, and OTB – November 2017

5. The Apache Trail – 11/14/17
6. Phoenix Christmas Lights – Dec 2017
7. Ramblin’ Roads RV Park -January 1, 2018
8. The Fountain of Youth RV Resort – 1/2-2/2/18
9. Salvation Mountain & East Jesus
10. The International Banana Museum
11. Desert Hot Springs – 2/2-3/5/18
12. San Diego – 3/5-3/22/18
13. The West Coast Adventure Begins – Lancaster, CA – 3/23-3/26/18
14. Rancho Oso RV Resort/Santa Barbara- 3/26-4/2/18
15. Morro Dunes RV Resort, 4/2-4/5/18
16. Yanks RV Resort, Greenfield, CA, 4/5-4/9/18
17. Santa Cruz Ranch & RV Resort, 4/9-4/13/18
18. Delta Shores Marina & RV Resort – 4/13-4/23/18

Just go to if you need something to read on the train, the toilet, or anyplace you have some time where you can’t come up with something better to do.

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