Delta Shores Marina & RV Resort – 4/13-4/23/18

So, here we are. Up to date, now Sunday, 4/22. Eighteen posts going out today. Make it nineteen with the “Catching Up With The Odyssey” job.

This is a nice place to relax. Very green and quiet, when the lawnmower guy isn’t at it. We’re about 60 miles due east of San Francisco, 30 miles southwest of Sacremento, and, about 15 miles northwest of Stockton, like you know where Stockton is. We’re on, hmmm, I was going to say isthmus but it’s not a narrow strip of land like our old NY home, Bayville – hello Cindy, John, Jeanine, Jeff – rather, we’re on a peninsula surrounded by a levee holding back water much higher than we are.

You have to go out to the road to see the water:

The address for this park is actually in Isleton, CA. We drove into town for surprisingly good Chinese food. Town consists of one, run down looking block of boarded up shops, many with old time balconies, a few “Antique” shops, a bar labeling itself as also a Casino and Chinese restaurant, and Pineapple’s, the name of the Chinese place we ordered from. Andrea posted some pictures of town. The town’s history is very interesting. If interested, Google ‘Isleton, CA’, the Wikipedia link.

From inside the park, the southern view is some houses on stilts and another RV park, the one we’ll be staying in next month. But, the real picture is of all the geese. Well, look harder.

Yesterday was 4/20 and we originally had planned on driving all the way into Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to join in the day’s celebration on Hippie Hill, and we were prepared, but decided that the drive was too long and crowds would be too big. By the way, when we were setting up in our campsite, I met our next door neighbor – let’s just call him Dude, as in Big Lebowski Dude. We hit it off right away, him noticing my Pink Floyd t-shirt and saying the Roger Waters concert he saw last year was the best ever – Resist, right? He talks so fast I was able to get half his life story in a few minutes. I need to ask him if I can post anything about him and his sister. Very interesting people. We’ll see them again in 11 days when we come back to the RV park down the road.

In lieu of a smokey day on Hippie Hill, we went to another major event in the area, The Annual San Joaquin County Asparagus Festival. Uh-huh. We ate battered and deep fried asparagus and asparagus ice cream and then had had enough asparagus. Nice day to take a walk though:

Or, you could take a ride in a monster truck:

And that’s all for now. Completely up to date. We’re chilling here through tomorrow, then going west through San Francisco to an RV park on a cliff in Pacifica, overlooking the ocean. Can’t wait.

How do you like our bathroom windows? Andrea got into stained glass while we were in Arizona. She bought these pieces of film at Home Depot.

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