Morro Dunes RV Resort, 4/2-4/5/18

Up the coast – it’s our mission. Morro Bay is truly a beautiful place. It’s a tiny fishing and tourist town and, so far, my favorite on the coast. If you come, do not miss a dinner at Taco Temple.

I was too late to book a stay at the state beach, The Strand, which, I understand, is a parking lot on the beach, but, hey, you’re right on the beach. This place, Morro Dunes, is right across the street from the beach. The beach/fishing marinas/tourist area is flat, perfect for senior biking.

We had lunch at a tiny, dog-friendly place across from the docks and the big rock in the bay.

Let’s go out to the rock.

Looking back to the “town” is interesting.
But, apparently, not interestingly enough to get a picture posted here. I don’t think the one above is Morro Bay but WTF. I’m blaming it on the Dude (here in Delta Shores). Remember, this is a Bill and Ted kind of thing – I’m telling stories about the past while trying to Be Here Now – everybody but Debbie gets to answer the question, who wrote ‘Be Here Now’?

Bye, bye, Morro Bay.

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