Ramblin’ Roads RV Park -January 1, 2018

The distance between Gold Canyon and our January hideaway on the east side of the Salton Sea was just a bit further than we’d care to drive in a day. And what’s the rush? So we went a little out of our way to stay at Ramblin Roads RV Resort.

The address says Salome, AZ but it’s really just all by itself at the point where AZ 72 intersects with US 60. Actually, it’s not by itself. Across the street is the Little Church of Hope but by the looks of the town of Hope, which is just a few cactuses down the road, I kept saying, the Church of Little Hope. The truth is, there’s a sign on the other side of the couple of houses that declare themselves to be the town of Hope that reads, “You Are Now Beyond Hope”. Really.

Anyway, we had stayed at Ramblin Roads before and liked it. Nice place, but nothing truly exceptional. I was pretty tired after the drive and lay down for a minute. An hour later a sliver of light came through a hole in the shade of the rear window. I lifted the day night shade and was blown away by the sunset. I opened the window and was disappointed by a blah sunset.

A few weeks earlier, we put some simple window darkening film on the bedroom windows. I doubled up on that window by my head. I kind of liked the effect and the reflection on the side of the rear panel of the RV. I fooled around with the camera settings to get different looks.

It’s a Happy New Year, so far.

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