San Diego – 3/5-3/22/18

For two weeks, we stayed at Sweetwater Summit Regional Park, a beautiful San Diego county park, about fifteen miles from the ocean.

It wasn’t spectacularly beautiful

but we got a few nice sunsets. Only two here but futsing (I think that’s a good, made-up word) with the camera settings can produce interesting shots:

A morning rainbow is a rarity:

I thought about cropping that one but the rainbow might have been harder to see. (This might like finding Waldo, or Jesus)

And for you old car buffs, this was one guy’s getting-around car:

We have been to San Diego so many times and seen just about every tourist attraction that we only went to the beach twice. Once to have lunch with Andrea’s old work friend, Marney, a like-minded anti-Trump spirit, and her husband, John, a Trump supporter. How does that work? Hi guys! The other time we went to the beach we went to the dog beach.

And that was our uneventful stay in San Diego. Let’s start the trip north. The goal? Oh, did I mention this before? Vancouver, B.C.

We decided that we needed to see the northwest. We’ve been to Alaska, sans RV, but not northern California, Oregon, nor Washington state. The plan is to zig-zag up the coast.

We joined another RV club, Thousand Trails, picking up a camping pass for two regions, the Southwest and Northwest, as well as their “collection”, a handful of nicer parks. With our Coast to Coast membership we’re trying to jump from one club park to another. That will work better when we get up to Oregon and Washington where both clubs have several parks on the coast. We expect to get to Vancouver by mid-July, then come back down to the Columbia River, east on I-94, maybe stop at Craters of The Moon, and then get down to I-70 so we can stop to see friends in Carbondale, CO. Back in Monument by early August. Something like that.

Join us as we start the journey up the coast.

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