The Apache Trail – 11-14-2017

The Apache Trail

This was rather cool. It is a long drive through canyonesque desert, mountain switchbacks with gorgeous but tiny overlooks, twenty-two miles of washboard dirt road that you would wish on your mother-in-law following the Salt River and lakes, a spectacular bridge, a return ride through a ghost town (or close to it), and finally a gradual descent with a beautiful view of the mountains and Phoenix to the west.

I need to catch up quickly – we’re moving up the California coast in April – so just brief commentary. Too much information in the last one anyway. The censors weren’t pleased.

You start out northeast on AZ 88 and within 5 miles the road turns to dirt hell but the scenery is more on the heavenly side:

Then we got to the Roosevelt Dam:

Arriving at the Roosevelt Bridge in late afternoon, the low sun in the western sky, behind us, made for a nice picture with a little reflection:

And this is the Roosevelt Bridge if you were into more intense reflection on acid:

(I plead the first)

Then you’re finally back to a paved highway toward the bustling metropolis (not!) of Globe.

Before we got to Globe, we made a right on US 60 to head back toward Gold Canyon. I liked that side view mirror picture so much I tried another through the canyons of the empty town of Miami:

Coming out of the canyon, the western horizon spread out in front of us.

Luna says hi:

And lastly, a few days later in November, the annual Leonids meteor shower was a dud. However, I started playing around with various settings on my phone’s camera and caught the Big Dipper rising over that RV in the middle. It’s balancing on its handle. Ah, The Balance, and all is right with the world.

Good night, Vienna.

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