The Fountain of Youth RV Resort – 1/2-2/2/18

Leaving nowhere in Arizona, you go further into nowhere. I love driving nowhere.

Go look up the Salton Sea in Google Maps. It’s nowhere, right? Now find The Fountain of Youth Spa, about halfway down the east side of the sea. It’s all by itself, forty-five miles from shopping and a Walgreen’s. Yeah, it shows Bombay Beach on the map. More on that later.

We got a site that was very tight. The RV in the site next to us faced east while we faced west. Our doors faced each other. Our awnings almost touched. The good news – the rows of RVs are tiered and facing west, we had an unimpeded view of the Salton Sea and more gorgeous sunsets than we saw in Gold Canyon, in just a month.

These were just a few:

After a trip up to the stores in Indio, I was racing to get back before dark, but had to stop near the “Sea” (I have no idea why it’s not a lake), because the sunset was so breathtaking:

I forgot to mention another key feature of the park. Due to it’s remote location with one road going in and one out, making a silencing a dubious prospect, the Secret Service has, apparently (or for legal purposes perhaps I should say, allegedly), been using, or more likely, built, the Fountain of Youth for its witness protection program. Unfortunately, some of the inmates, er, campers, stand out.

A month away from civilization will have you searching for side trips and we had a few. The pictures from those are too numerous for just one posting.

We took a few at the (not-so) high-brow Bombay Beach, which I’ll post here but the other trips deserve their own posts.

That was the nice part of town facing the beach.

From the beach we saw what at first looked like a miss by one of the many bombers and massive artillery from the Chocolate Mountain Gunnery Range, just a couple of miles east of the Fountain of Youth, but it turned out to be controlled burns of entire fields of grasslands.

To follow:
Salvation Mountain
East Jesus
And, The International Banana Museum

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