The International Banana Museum

Really. Google it. Admission is something like two bucks but it is waived if you buy something. And we did. You will too. From the outside it looks like a scary place – old bars around the windows – attached to a liquor/convenience store. They only open when they want to but usually that is Fri-Sat-Sun. We had scoped out parking the RV on a previous visit, when we tried to get in when closed, and it was easy to get the 42′ motorhome and dinghy in and out. If coming from the north and miss the turn, there’s another driveway 100 yards down the road.

Once you get in, you’re in another world. It is literally bananas.

Someone’s gotta tell me what the deal is here with the peeled one to the right. Look closely:

And more stuff:

And finally, a little where’s Waldo in this one except it’s not Waldo. It’s Jesus with bananas in his hands. If you can locate him then you can say in all honesty that you’ve found Jesus. I did and feel as proud as I do when I find Waldo.

Since the resolution is reduced here you may not find Jesus. If you haven’t found Jesus and would like the original, 3.17mb photo, email me and I’ll send it to you. I hope you find Jesus.

On to Desert Hot Springs. Couldn’t find him at Salvation Mountain. Couldn’t find him in East Jesus, but Lordy, Lordy, I found Jesus in The IBM.

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