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You Readers Made Me Do It

Well, you did it. A few of you encouraged me to write a book a couple of years ago. It’s your fault. So now you can post a self congratulations on your social media outlets, “I told this guy to write a book and he did.”

Careful what you ask for. You can get to the book’s Amazon page with the link that they sent me when it finally passed all the formatting issues:

Congratulations, your paperback, “MEMOIRS OF A ROMANTIC SPACE CADET: HOW LSD (AND PEPSI) SAVED MY LIFE!,” is available to buy on Amazon.

It’s been available since the 1st but I wanted a copy in my hands before posting anything. This is not a memoir for my grandchildren to read or be read to, not yet anyway. It is really an exercise in memory. One story brought up another and another and some that I had long ago buried suddenly appeared – bringing some big smiles. Some, perhaps, should not be in print, but, WTF!

I see some jaws dropping out there. Wait till you read it. Apologies in advance to 93% of the world.

As for the Odyssey blog, that will continue when we get on the road again, you know, for the fun of it. We are in Gold Canyon, Arizona now, workamping in spectacular weather – might be a little warm. We took a different route this year that took us through Show Low, AZ, on US 60 and then deep into the Salt River Canyon. Gorgeous:

And, the Arizona sunsets are always worth a happy hour toast:

We did take a spectacular trip to Greece this past May – with the kids, and, yes, the grandkids (at 2 and 4)! It was fine. If you go to Greece, just take 2 days in Athens, see the Parthenon, and then island hop. High speed ferry is great. If time is limited, just go to Santorini and stay at an AirB&B in Oia. You might want to spend the rest of your life there.

Getting back to the book – give it a try. Not sure how many “experienced” space cadets we have out there but a license or training is not required. Just strap in, step back, and take a ride. No guarantees about altering your mind, just keep it open and go with rule number two on this one: have a good time.

Spread the word (and the link). If that first link doesn’t work, try pasting this into your browser.


Forget Google – I’m nobody there – wait, it just came up on 11/10/19 in Google. The search results show the Amazon Japanese version. Does that mean someone in Japan looked at the ad? Holy Japoly!

Some other Brian Carlin’s load up the results.

Or, just open the Amazon app and search for:
brian carlin amazon memoirs of a romantic space cadet.

That’s all folks.