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Odyssey Update

We got back in Colorado on April 18th. The weather was nice until early May when we got a foot of snow. Beautiful granddaughter, Wren, was born on the 10th. On the 18th we got another foot of snow. Last year it rained every day in May. This year we get frozen pipes and more snow than they had all winter here. Mother nature is a mother f..ker!

May in Monument, CO:

Then there’s May in Monument having kind of a flashback where you see faces in everything. If you’re not experienced (you with me Jimmy?), concentrate a little.

Oh, to have that childlike imagination again. Like looking at the clouds.

Anyway, with the freezing weather and snow in May, we rented some Red Box movies. We watched ‘Fences’ and ‘The Founder’. I don’t know what all the hype was for Fences. Shoot me, hated it. I liked the Ray Kroc story more, as pointless as that was. And then we endured another Oscar winner, the “put-needles-in-my-eyes-if-I-have-to-watch-Out-Of-Africa-with-god-awful-music”, ‘Lala Land’. (This was written while watching) This is the most mindless bore since that three hour horror show. Dumb storyline, zombie-like acting, and music that should have been retired when Elvis pelvised. It goes on and on for no reason. Where are my headphones? Damn, I recorded ‘Airplane’ recently and could have watched that. I knew it was a bad week to stop sniffing glue. I feel like punching a Hare Krisna! Wait, I think I have the review of ‘Lala Land’ in one sentence: Hollywood jerking itself off. Of course, that’s just one paying customer’s opinion.

Got that off my chest. Now, how about that crazy guy? You know, the showboating, grandstander, nut job? Not him, the guy who calls a tax cut for the rich, health care. Anyone out there older than 50 not on a company plan? Good luck. It gets higher and deeper in a swamp full of scum. But, he does have a sense of humor, making Newt’s wife ambassador to the Vatican. No irony there. And why hasn’t Bannon been given the Jameson Nose Bubble award? He should sue Walgreens for use of his schnoz images in the design of theirs.

And what’s with all the pink baseball uniforms? Come on, isn’t October and all those three hundred pound football players wearing pink shoes enough? Boy, just put a mindless musical in front of me and I lose it. I’ll never take Ryan Goesling seriously again. Actually, I never did. This is entertainment? The

End. Thank god! Worst movie ever.

Ok, that was May. Then the weather broke and it has been mostly nice since. We finally got a chance to get out and do something and discovered this little gem of a hike in Greenland. No, not that Greenland. It’s a little town north of Monument and Palmer Lake. Nice views from up top.

And my Lionel trains obsession:

In early June, we attended the Roger Waters concert in Denver. For the two of you who don’t know who Roger Waters is, he was a founding member of Pink Floyd and wrote every lyric on Dark Side of the Moon. We’ve seen him a few times in the last fifteen years. This one was more like an old Floyd concert except for the political agenda.

And then it was forty years ago:

Well, a real eclipse is coming in August.

A couple of weeks ago, we had to leave our “Home” park for a week. To reserve a week at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, you have to get on at midnight exactly six months prior to the dates you want. And that I did last December 15th.

The air was so clear we could see the Spanish Peaks, 94 miles to the south. You have to look closely just to the left of where the mountain shoots up. Snowcaps near the New Mexico border. (There’s snow all over the mountains out here.)

Then a pano looking east, mostly at Ft Carson where ‘Reveille’ blasts every morning at 6am and 5pm, then Taps at 10pm.

We had Lily the pregnant lizard visit.

And Freddie Falcon bunny hunting:

We got back to Monument Thursday to prepare for our first real vacation since hitting the road. The first year was part vacation, part adventure, but mostly a learning course in how to get along with someone you’ve lived with for forty years in increasingly large quarters but now in 400 sqft. Those courses are never ending.

We left this morning (Monday) for Glacier National Park. First stop, Glendo Lakeside RV Park, in Glendo (pop 205), WY. I asked where the lake is and the lady said, “Just beyond those trees.” Those really tall and thick trees. The freight train tracks are pretty damn close and the crossings ellicit some very loud horns. Now, the bright side – darkness. A ‘town’ of 205 produces almost no light polution and this place is 100 miles from anything. The skies were clear and billions and billions of stars called me out at 11. I got a thing about starry nights, even if not in the timeframe of a meteor shower. Count to 300. That’s 5 minutes. If you don’t see a shooting star, give up. Tonight’s racing fireball came at 101. Crazy but the exact same timing happened the last night at Cheyenne Mountain. You gotta have patience and clear skies, just look up – and get away from light pollution. No meteor shower necessary. You’ll see one. Of course, the multiple meteor showers from mid July to mid August will increase your chances. But I digress.

Tomorrow, Sheridan, WY, then Great Falls where we pick up travelling pals, Jeanine and Jeff, longtime friends from our old hometown, Bayville, LI, and then up to St. Mary, MT, the east entrance to the national park.

More to come soon.

There’s that Friggin train again!