Grandy Creek RV Park, Concrete WA – Part 2 – 7/12-7/15/18

We had no clue that we’d be in Concrete on the day of their Annual Vintage Aircraft Fly-In, nor that they even had an airport. With about a hundred hours as a private pilot (before buying a house and thus the funds to continue the hobby), airplane events hold a special interest for me.

Andrea too. She took lessons up to the point where the instructor told her he was getting out and she could continue her touch-and-goes on her own. She asked, “You mean you think I can land this by myself?”. Yes. “That’s all I wanted to hear. We’re done.” And her flight training was over. She just wanted to make sure that if I keeled over at the controls after a turkey sandwich with bad mayonnaise that she could land it. We have a lot of good flying stories.

So here we are in Concrete, Washington with loads of like-minded people. At least when it comes to flying. <Editor’s redaction> And that’s all I have to say about that! This is about flying small planes.

That sleek one on the left is a beauty. The other one ain’t bad either. Nice setting too.

Words to keep WordPress from randomly throwing them out on the screen.

Too lazy to edit the files on the website.

Fun, huh.

Just too cool hanging out on the runway.

With other flyers.

Makes me want to get back up there.

There’s life after RVing. Maybe in one of these.

Where else, except for hundreds of little airports across the country, can you walk across the runway and see this:

If you live anywhere near one like this, look for notices about fly-ins or air shows. You’ll love it.

Good night.

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